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TRISA-TRP Demonstrate Interoperability

Open architecture is a core guiding principle of TRISA’s open source travel rule protocol. Interoperability with the open source OpenVASP/ TRP travel protocol is a critical 2023 roadmap priority. In July, TRISA demonstrated interoperability with TRP, completing a critical first step in building a bridge between travel rule protocols.

The engineering teams at Rotational Labs and 21 Analytics have jointly worked together to design and implement an open source bridge available for VASPs to seamlessly operate between the two protocols. The demo showcases a proof-of-concept data exchange between TRISA and the OpenVASP/ TRP travel rule protocols. The data exchange occurs between TRISA’s robot VASPs and a test server provided by 21 Analytics.


Now that the proof-of concept is complete, the Rotational and 21 Analytics teams will work to productionize the bridge in the form of a download-able docker image for VASPs to integrate with their the backend systems. The production release is expected to be available in Q4 2023.


The Travel Rule Information Sharing Alliance (TRISA) is a professional working group of VASP operators, Travel Rule solution providers, regulators, advisors, and technical implementers dedicated to making cross-border exchanges of cryptocurrencies safe and lawful. TRISA consists of several components including:

VASPs can join TRISA at

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