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Crypto AML News Week – Dec 3


**The most important news stories in the cryptocurrency regulation space over the past week include several key developments:**


  1. **US Government’s Stance on Illicit Money Flows**: The U.S. government has warned that it will cut off cryptocurrency companies from the broader economy if they fail to block and report illicit money flows. [Read more](


  1. **FTX and Binance Influence**: The scandals involving FTX and Binance continue to significantly impact public opinion and regulatory perspectives on digital currencies. [Read more](


  1. **SEC’s Regulatory Strategy**: Katherine Kirkpatrick, Chief Legal Officer at Cboe Digital, discussed the current state of regulatory affairs within the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). [Read more](


  1. **US Lawmakers’ Push for Crypto Regulations**: U.S. lawmakers are advocating for the inclusion of cryptocurrency regulations in year-end bills, particularly in the National Defense Authorization Act. [Read more](


  1. **Hong Kong’s Licensing of Crypto Services**: Hong Kong has approved its first licensed Limited Liability Company to offer cryptocurrency services. [Read more](


  1. **US Treasury’s Actions Against Crypto Mixer**: The U.S. Treasury has taken action against a cryptocurrency mixer accused of facilitating transactions for North Korea. [Read more](


  1. **Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact**: A report estimates that Bitcoin mining consumed a substantial amount of water in 2021, adding pressure to the discussion about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. [Read more](


  1. **Global Crypto Regulation Trends**: Governments and regulatory bodies are increasingly taking steps to curb criminal behavior in the cryptocurrency industry and enforce accountability. [Read more](




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